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ANNOUNCER: Number 1, what is your name, please?
NUMBER 1: My name is (insert name).
ANNOUNCER: Number 2?
NUMBER 2: My name is (insert name).
ANNOUNCER: And number 3?
NUMBER 3: My name is (insert name).
ANNOUNCER: Only one of these people is the real (insert name)--and has (is the only one) sworn To Tell The Truth!!!

That is the classic intro to one of television's most beloved game shows called, To Tell The Truth.

To Tell the Truth is a game show in which a panel of four celebrities face three contestants, members of a "team of challengers," who all claim to be the same person. Two of them are lying, but only one of them is the real "central character" of the team, and has sworn to tell the truth (hence the name of the show). The main reason for them doing what they are doing is their efforts to fool the panel and win money for their work.

The late 2010s ABC revival, however, awarded no money to the challengers, but instead scored the celebrities themselves, based on their accuracy scores in identifying the "central characters." Anthony Anderson, a character-and-comedy actor, is hosting this revival; his mother, Doris Day Bowman, had been recruited as "score-keeper," a post not part of previous versions. The scoring is later handled by computer. The revival also opened the show to criticism for nepotism, the employment of relatives not based upon professional qualifications, because of Anderson and Bowman being respective son and mother and Bowman herself not having been known to have compiled any previous entertainment experience; it was not known, by July of 2020, whether such criticism had been publicly made.

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